4 Effective Marketing Tips to Help You Sell Your House Fast

Sell Your House Fast With These 4 Effective Marketing Tips

In putting a property up for sale, your goal is to sell it in the shortest time as possible. It is not easy since competition in the real estate industry is tough. Every effort must be exerted especially if you are taking into account the money involved in selling a property. The timeframe is one of the things considered by homeowners when putting their houses for sale. Reasons vary for each homeowner, but financial difficulties seem to top the rest.

Last 2016, a house for sale spends an average of four weeks on market. In the PROFILE OF HOME BUYERS AND SELLERS 2017 of National Association of REALTORS®, it is down for a median of three weeks. The figure is for agent assisted sold homes, while FSBO or For-Sale-by-Owner properties sold more quickly. The homes were sold in less than two weeks, but often to someone the seller personally knows. However, it still is possible to achieve the goal of selling the house fast within two to three weeks.

Marketing a house for sale can be a real challenge. The property may be in mint condition and reasonably priced, but it will not sell fast if you don’t give a good sense what the buyers are looking for. The success of a home sale is appealing to the homebuyers in the market. Thus, drafting an effective marketing plan is the way to go. Below are four of the proven tips that contribute to the quick success of selling a house fast.

#1 Use Professional Photograper

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Professional photography makes a strong first impression and a great asset in marketing. It applies as well in real estate marketing, whether the images are going to be used online and in brochures. In the 2017 Real Estate in A Digital Age report of NAR, the millennial respondents found photos to be very useful.

Additionally, in another research conducted by Redfin last 2013; the listings with professional photos received 61% views compared to the listings without. It proves that visual marketing is effective in real estate. And hiring a professional photographer specializing in real estate is one of the worthy marketing initiatives to pursue. Remember, a listing with high-quality images is taken seriously and leaves a positive impression.

#2 List Home on Leading Online Listing Sites

Also in the report of NAR last 2017, 44% of homebuyers used the internet to look for properties for sale. Obviously, the internet is a reliable channel to connect with potential homebuyers. However, there are thousands of websites where you can list a property for sale.

How are you able to reach out to an interested buyer of your property and sell it fast? While it is good to pick listing sites that comes with comprehensive features, it is best to choose only the reputable listing sites with an established brand and name in the industry. Consider yourself shopping for a property and think of where and how you are going to look for a new home.

#3 Hire Professional Realtor

From the same report of NAR in 2017, real estate agents were asked for help by 89% of home sellers to sell their property. As mentioned above, the median for properties sold with the help of realtors is three weeks compared to two weeks of FSBO sellers. On one hand, it has been cited in the report that with the help of realtors, the home for sale were sold for an average of $47,500 more than how much the seller purchased it.

On the other hand, homes are usually sold for less by FSBO sellers compared to its original selling price. Although it was a quick sale within two weeks, you were financially beaten. This is where professionals can help you. According to Kristina Morales, a luxury realtor in Orange County, while it has become easier for everyone to sell their homes on their own, sellers still need the experts in real estate to help them in marketing the property for sale.

They are equipped in knowledge and tools to sell the house within a specific period and price it reasonably. Furthermore, realtors are found to be a helpful source of information by homebuyers according to the 2017 survey of NAR.

#4 Sell Home to Cash Investors

You may have seen signs like ‘We Buy Homes for Cash’ or ‘Homes for Cash.’ It is actually one of the quite effective options in the market to sell a house fast, says Jack, home assessment specialist at national house cash buyers group HouseCashin.com. Unlike the conventional method of listing the property with a real estate agent, you may not be familiar with this. Through the help of cash investors, the property will be marketed in a number of methods, like advertising and open houses for at least 6 months.

That may sound like an eternity, but when a prospective buyer appears and qualifies for financing, a deal may be closed. In some cases, there are cash investors offering a no-obligation cash offer and you receive the cash after a few days.

There are plenty of ways to market a property for sale in this digital age. Social media sites allow you to connect to thousands and millions of people every day, but it is challenging. This is the reason why you need to employ an effective marketing strategy. If you go an extra mile in utilizing the tools and resources available within your reach, it is not a surprise the house will be sold fast.